Waves on Canvas

Sardinian composer and producer Stefano Guzzetti runs his Waves On Canvas project to channel his real-life experiences into highly emotive sound pieces and songs. He recently released “Angel”, a single featuring the beautiful voice of Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil) and a remix by John Fryer. His album Into The Northsea will be out in July 2012, and includes contributions by Ian Masters and Pieter Nooten, as well as a series of electronica, IDM and piano pieces.

So far, he has produced scores for movies, sound design works and audio / visual projects, had some releases on ambient label Twisted TreeLine and will be feautured on The Wire Tapper CD 28 out with The Wire magazine n.338 (april 2012).

He’s currently working on a new multimedia project with London based photographer Marc Atkins.