Secret Life of Waves

Just watched the BBC “The Secret Life of Waves”, it’s well worth the watch. Apparently, waves aren’t made of water, they’re made of energy. When a wave crashes onto a beach or a reef, the energy dissipates either into the sand/rocks or into sound. The sound of the waves is made by squillions of tiny bubbles, each of which releases its energy in a single plink which, massed together, makes up what we hear as the sound of the sea.
The really interesting thing is that Waves are not only on the surface of the sea, driven by the wind, they exist way under the surface; and move in different directions, even sideways. The world is made up of different forms of energy and it travels through the elements in a wave motion. The presenter made an analogy between waves and human life and what happened to human energy when a person died. Where does our energy go! Highly recommend tracking down the full version.