The Big Cloud

The award-winning photographer Camille Seamanhas been known for their moving images of polar regions.With the latest series ‘The Big Cloud’ it goes back into their demanding Seaman, documentary and artistic way to capture the awe and beauty of nature. Supercells are servere thunderstorms that have deep, continuing updrafts. Supercells are the largest and most severe types of thunderstorms. They range from all sizes small to large, low or high topped. They carry large amounts of hail, strong winds, and torrential rainfall. They are one of the few types of clouds that can spawn tornadoes. They can occur anywhere in the world with the right weather conditions. They are also one of the four categories of thunderstorms which are supercell, single-cell, multi-cell, and squall line. Supercells are very dangerous.
However, these images aim to show not only its destructive power, but help us realize the splendor that unfolds in this violence.

All images © Camille Seaman | Via:Colossal