Eddie Linehan Ireland’s greatest living storyteller tellstales of Myth, Magic and Mystery for adults and children!

When Eddie Lenihan appeared in Irish national television’s 12-part series ‘Storyteller’ in 1986, most of those seeing and hearing him were doing so for the first time. However, two further series titled ‘Ten Minute Tales’ in 1987 and 1988 changed all that for good.

But what viewers did not know was that he had already by then 6 books behind him, as well as 5 audio tapes, besides years of folklore-gathering, particularly in his native Co. Kerry, but also in many other parts of Ireland. It is this love of mixing with, listening to older generations (which he still keeps to this very day) that underpins everything he does, and after 27 years of collecting, he now possesses probably the largest tape-library in private hands in Ireland – a unique resource of irreplaceable material that would otherwise have been lost.

In gratitude to the excellent storytellers who have shared their proud and ancient Irish tradition with him down the years – and who were so insistent that it should not die – Eddie has done his best, through personal appearances, as well as books, tapes, CDs and video, to spread the wonderful message of Irish lore – no difficult task, since its own very depth and scope make it a world unparalleled.

John Creedon met with Eddie on the last leg of his ‘Retro Road trip’ (Rté Player) and discovered some fascinating  tales of the fairy folk, how they manifest themselves in the form of animals and how the only animal that can see the wind are pigs – the wind is red. Some believe that fairies are angels who have fallen from heaven, others the souls of the children from Irelands many child burial sites. Eddie expressed his feelings of how the documentation of such folklore should not be left to the volunteers of this Island like himself and pointed the finger at those who are paid to do his work but instead have their finger up their proverbial hole, funny because it’s true.

Faeries are not the innocent butterfly creatures you see in Disney movies. They are powerful spirits in old Irish culture that can manifest in any form they wish.
To hear some of eddies tales you can find some here