Cliff Diving World Series on Inis Mór

On the 3rd And 4th Of August 2012, The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will make one of its many stops in Ireland.

Nine time cliff diving world champion Colombian Orlando Duque travelled to the West Coast of Ireland in 2009 and was impressed to say the least –  “The serpents lair is one of those places that you only hear stories about”, “Finding the place and being able to dive there was one of the highlights of my career. Hopefully in the future we can bring a cliff diving competition to Ireland.”

Rumours of the legendary Serpent’s Lair (Poll na Peist – Worm Hole) on the Aran Islands circulate world wide throughout the cliff diving community. Similar to numerous other locations on the islands, the Serpents Lair is what fishermen call a “blowhole,” or a shoreline window to subterranean caverns, which spurt out water each day as high tide approaches. What differentiates Poll na Peist from other blowholes is that it’s almost a perfect rectangle.

Ancient mythology tells us of a Sea Serpent which lived beneath the entrance . The sound of screeching stormy winds is said in myth to be the great Serpent making its presence felt.