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Introducing Chloe Early – We’ve always been a big fan of her work, she’s a really lovely girl and also an expert skipper by all accounts. She eats lots of really nice food and is fond of a good scone or scon as some people call it.

‘My current works are oil paintings on linen and aluminium. Large scale painterly montages, I work with an abstracted urban landscape background placing interchangeable motifs: divers, balloons, stars, birds, planes, herds of animals, always hinting at the opposing themes of apocalypse and redemption.’

Here is  one of  Chloe’s most recent works – Bloom and Bullet Bow, 180 cm x 240 cm (photo by Eoghan Brennan)

Born 1980 in London, Chloe Early grew up in Cork, Ireland.
Since graduating from NCAD Dublin in 2003 she has pursued her painting practice. She has exhibited in Cork, Dublin, London and Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York
and has featured in Juxtapose Magazine , It’s Nice That , Citizen K and Rojo Magazine.
In 2004 Early moved to London which is where she now lives and works.

Recently Alicia Keys became the proud owner of the piece ‘Plume’, brought as a present from her husband Swizz Beatz.

Plume  (Chloe Early – May 2011)

Chloe is represented by Stolen Space gallery.
Their summer show is just around the corner and will be well worth checking out.
Some more news hot of the press – Tristate has used Chloe’s Silver Tip Symphony for his new ‘Tristate of Mind Suite’ released earlier this month. It is the first original Classical Hip-Hop piece ever. Have a listen to the first 8 minutes here

Silver Tip Symphony

This piece of music has been described as the most culturally relevant composition to date. Early’s avant-garde style could be equally described as being just as culturally significant; bringing together an improbable selection of imagery that transgress states of dream and reality.
These landscapes are populated with figures  – the figures have an air of oblivion  -they are lost in a dream of perfection and oblivious to their surroundings. Despite the urban subjects the paintings always retain a dream like quality, a soft focus.

Chloe Early – Playground Of The Western World (detail)

Noah’s Ark, oil and spray paint on linen, 183cm by 122cm, 2008

To find out more about this world renowned Irish Artist check out her blog
here or visit her website here