Open Source Sea Chair


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Studio Swine has created an open source design for a marine stool accompanied by a film where a chair is made onboard a fishing boat.

The United Nations estimates some 100 million tons of plastic waste to be contaminating the worlds oceans, a proportion of which washes up on coastlines across the globe, last year Japan had over 200 thousand tons of plastic debris wash up along it’s shores.

This abundance of plastic presents an opportunity where the material is delivered by the sea to coasts. There it can be processed to make new products with the intention of removing the plastic from the marine environment for good.

Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans. The film uses a fishing boat and an open source design for the collection and creation of a marine plastic stool.
The design uses readily available materials and basic DIY skills to create.

Download the full plans here

Words and photos: Courtesy of Studio Swine