Niall O' Brien, ANGER

Thursday last we went to see our friend, Niall O Brien’s installation ‘ANGER’ at Block T in Smithfield. Niall is an old friend from college in iadt and we got to know each other on surf trips to Achill Island and Lahinch, Co. Clare. Since then he has re-located to London and has been producing some really excellent work with a focus on youth and subcultures.

The installation featured dark sounds in a dark room with short videos of teenagers really fucking pissed off. Niall seems to be able to capture the best or worse in people whichever way you look at it. Overall a slightly unnerving experience. Enjoy the video and pictures from the night

Anger is an emotion we are all too familiar with but one that is most raw and concentrated during the formative years of our lives. This video doesn’t seek to question the source of our anger, rather to capture it in is most undiluted form. Between the lines, it is obvious to see what we are dealing with, but only for a split second. In emphasising the act, which is nothing more than an outburst, but by highlighting it I have exaggerated the feeling reducing it to its essence. Sound is also an important part of the installation to increase the feeling of discomfort in the viewer and to aid the visual in a more dynamic way. These pieces have been treated like photographic stills, the movement is slight and flowing, never changing in emotion: I want to capture and express this raw and powerful moment in the most explicit way. Niall O’Brien