Material Meaning

“Agricultural sheds represent the true vernacular architecture of rural Ireland and constitute a strong and pervasive aesthetic. Julie Connellan explores this cultural narrative which tells of people’s connection to and reliance on the land as contemporary jewellery. By removing these structures from their normal context and placing them on the arm, the body is used as a stage for opening dialogues and triggering memories. A parallel relationship presented itself between the land and the shed and the body and the armpiece. The scale of the armpieces is designed to reflect this specific relationship of proportions.”

        Photography Sean Breithaupt

Julies work along with many other artists, designers and makers, will be selling a selection of work at, Block T, Smithfield, Dublin 7, this weekend.

The sales exhibition will run on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of December from 11am to 6pm at Block T, 1 – 6 Haymarket, Smithfield Square, Dublin, 7.