Irish surfing 1970’s

We just recently convinced Mick Murphy, a friend of ours, to get into his attic and search out some old Irish surfing photos for us. Mick is from Limerick and played a large part in setting up both the WESC (West Coast Surf Club) in August 1970 and organising the European Surfing Championships in Co.Clare in Sept 1972.

Surfing in Ireland only really kicked off in the 1960’s and it is these guys who really set the scene. Nowadays thousands of Irish are enjoying the great waves on the stunning beaches and reefs that fringe our island. With the recent discovery of ‘Aileens’ at the foot of the 700ft high Cliffs of Moher among other big wave spots, Ireland boasts some of the best and most beautiful big wave spots in the world. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Crowd scene at Lahinch beach, Limerick Leader Cup, 1971.

Breeda Wright, wife of the Owner of the Limerick Leader newspaper, presenting the Limerick Leader Cup, 1971, to Kevin Cavey, who was the winner of the National Championships The lad to his right is Paul Kenny
and the lad to her left is Derek Musgrave, both from Tramore and came second and third respectively. Names unknown, drop us an e-mail if you can name them!

Left to right, Phillip Cullen, Brian Dixon, Sam McCrum. Party wave, Lahinch Beach 1970.

Finalist in the Limerick Leader Competition on a nice right hander at Spanish Point, Co. Clare, July 1972. This competition was used to select the Irish team for the European Championships the same year.

Heres a picture of Mick holding up some lovely 1970’s Irish jocks.
Thanks for the photos Mick.