Introducing Denise Nestor

We have just added two new caps to our collection. With illustration by the super talented Denise Nestor. This cap comes in tweed and herringbone and is available in two styles, Vintage (with button fastner on peak) and Tailored. We are re-developing our website and online shop at the moment but feel free to drop up to our HQ at 58, George’s Street, Dublin 2 and grab one of these limited edition beauties.


Grey Tweed Cap

Brown Herringbone Cap

The piece is called ‘Wreath for Dad”. The print consists of Hedgerow animals and birds with a fox taking center stage. They are possibly the cosiest looking caps ever made and it was a pleasure to see such fine pencil drawings reproduce so nicely on our modest single color screen printing press. Thanks Denise.
Find out more about Denise on her website and blog.

Denise is now part of our growing artist network and we look forward to more collaborations with her in the future.