As Is The Sea

As is the Sea is a group exhibition of artworks by current and former RCA students that accompanies Critical Writing in Art & Design MA programme’s recent publication of the same name. This anthology of art criticism, cultural analysis, memoir and fiction, sifts through the ocean’s strata, descending page by page from the sunlit surface to the darkest abyss. The artworks on display either respond directly to the texts or resonate with the themes explored within As is the Sea. Both the book and exhibition address our multifaceted relationship with the sea, drawing on what we love, fear, disregard, are in awe of and long for from that vast saline expanse.

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albangriffiths_wip_4 As_is_the_Sea_Midnight


The texts from seventeen writers are accompanied by a foreword from Philip Hoare and nine illustrations, including a postcard insert, from students and alumni of the Royal College of Art.

Designed by Luke Griffiths and Remy- Alban Valton As is the Sea is a pocket-sized paperback, perfect bound and lithographically printed by Lecturis on Munken Polar. Divided into four parts, each section of the book has been marked with a specific tone creating an overall gradient that mirrors the descent through the corresponding layers of the sea.
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